Anonymous asked: but for me Ed don't deserve another busy person in his life, The girl that;s right for him is not the same as him that's so busy wit work, like what you've said Taylor or even Nina. They're also busy person. Ed needs a full time girl for her that understands his love of his work :) and always by his side and always there to take care of him. That's what I think though. I just love Ed that I want a perfect girl for her haha but at the end of the day Its Ed who will choose so I'll just support him

As much as I ship Taylor and Ed I agree with you 100% Ed needs someone like Alice back in his life to love. He truly does deserve someone who will love him for him but doesn’t everyone? He will though because he is humble and kind and he is not in music for cars, booze and sex like many artists he’s in it for the music. He will find someone, I truly believe that he will (:

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kid-named-sid asked: Do you know what the new dates are for the north America tour? Love your blog by the way :)

Ahh thanks so much, you are so sweet for saying that (: I’m not sure that he has new dates but I do know that he has been moved to bigger venues to accommodate more fans! Whoo!!!!! I will post all his tour dates on my blog if it helps? Have a wonderfully magic day friend!

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tremorinq asked: Is it weird that it's my dream to smoke weed with Ed....? Well it is and his laugh/smile is kindof my favorite thing about him so if he was high... don't even get me started

Nah, I think its great some people dream of marrying the Prince of England and you dream of smoking weed with Ed, very ambitious of you. LOL Imagine him singing if he was high? That would be a magical sight. Hahaha have a great day and good luck with the whole weed and Ed scenario! :D 

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Anonymous asked: but all the articles I read about Nina.. they always referring her as Ed's girlfriend. And then I saw her tweet about watching American Pie and then Ed tweeted too about watching it. (yeah I'm Ed's creeper Lol)

Why hello Ed creeper? LOL I promise I wont tell. Regarding Nina and Ed or EDNA …. I think they had were dating in the past when she was in him video but as of right this minute I am pretty sure he and Nina aren’t dating. That’s just my speculation. You could be right also … I kind of don’t want them to date though. I ship Taylor Swift and Ed so hard its ridiculous, they would have the most beautiful babies in the universe. Have a great EDmazing day fellow Ed creeper :D

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Anonymous asked: About the tattoos: Both. Like what they are and the story behind them, thank you!

No problem, I should be thanking you. I have been stumped for a few days with what facts I should do next. Thanks so much. Check back on my Tumblr in a few days and hopefully you will see some new facts regarding tattoos!

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bredixon asked: Hi there! I looove ed sheeran... his voice.. you know. ;] okay so I'm selling a shirt with his name if you could promote it on here that would be amazing and really really generous of you!

Wow that is so cool. Every one should check this out! Hope you have an EDmazing day and good luck with the tshirt sales!!!!! :D

Anonymous asked: for the anon about the necklace, you know the lyrics in wake me up the one about the necklace (i'll carve it like a necklace so the heart falls where your chest is), its that. its half a heart and someone else has the other half but she doesn't wear it anymore :)

OMG THIS IS GOLD I HIT THE GOLD RUSH (I try to be funny) I actually didn’t know this myself mind of I make a fact on it? Hope you have a wonderfully great day fellow Ed Head with a lot of wisdom and knowledge on the great Ginger Jesus!

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fkmesheeran asked: Actually, in an interview a couple years ago, Ed was asked if he was a virgin and he immediately blushed and shook his head no. Also, in an interview just this February, he was asked when the last time he had sex was and he said a week ago (which would have been his birthday!)

Good on you, Ginger Jesus. He really knows how to party. Whoo did I really just say that, yes I did. Hahaha I don’t want to say that I knew that he was a virgin or anything but I kind of did because he is Ed and well … Do I need to finish that sentence., you all know that too. Reason I wouldn’t say what I thought is because I hate gossip and rumours so I wouldn’t say it until someone else did and confirmed it. Wow I am making this a really big deal when in all honesty it really isn’t. I am going to be quite now. Have a wonderful day fellow Sheerinator! :D

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Anonymous asked: yeah he's said he's not a virgin

THERE IT IS FOR ANYONE WHO IS WONDERING WHOOO! Thanks fellow Ed Head for clearing up all the gossip. Have an EDchanting flawless day!

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Anonymous asked: Could you make a list of Ed's tattoos? Or at least the ones you know of? c:

Do you mean facts on the tattoes because I would totally do that :) Hope you are having a wonderfully EDmazing day fellow Ed Head! 

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